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Read on to see how we help you reach your ideal clients with our Modern Marketing program to achieve your goals!

Signature Programs

Reach your clients exactly when they’re looking for your services.

Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing is a 6-month Group Coaching Program for business owners that want to be in control of their own marketing spend. Manage your online impact with the modern marketing blueprint and digital marketing strategy. An accountability partner will go a long way towards keeping you on track.

VIP – Modern Marketing

The VIP – Modern Marketing is the 6-month  Group Coaching Program for next-level business owners. Increase your online impact with the digital marketing blueprint and strategy. Accountability includes a monthly 60-minute call with Christina to strategise and get expert advice.

Modern Marketing Affiliate

We only work with affiliates that has completed the Modern Marketing program. This’ll enable you to represent the program authentically.

We work with a select group of Affiliates with each launch. Join the waitlist to become a Modern Marketing Affiliate.



Plan Your Dream Life

3-Month Plan Your Dream Life is a Group Coaching Program to teach you how to create your own business plan.

  • Find your passion
  • Choose a business that’ll best fit your skills and passion
  • Learn how to improve your energy levels
  • Discover how to make time to fulfil your dreams
  • Link up with an accountability partner to help you stay committed to the end

VIP – Plan Your Dream Life

In addition to the Plan Your Dream Life program, you’ll also receive:

  • The Compassion Business Plan book
  • One monthly coaching call for the duration of the course (3 months)
  • Your completed business plan
  • An opportunity to become a Compassion Biz Coach

Compassion Business Plan Book

You were meant for more! Write down your vision. Feel that sense of achievement you’re longing for. Plan to live out your God-given purpose and make a difference. Leave a legacy.

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You were meant for more!

Note from Christina

I created the Modern Marketing programs to help business owners get to the top 5 on a Google search. Are you ready to do what it takes to get there?

The Plan Your Dream Life program will help you create your dream business.

Christina Heystek