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God intended you to be

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Are you feeling stuck because of the isolation of being a business owner?

You’re putting in so much work, and you feel as if you’re the only one struggling to get your business thriving!

  • You feel frustrated because you are brimming with ideas, but can’t seem to implement them!
  • Sometimes, you wonder if you must just scrap it and go back to working for a boss? 
  • On the bad days, you’re starting to wonder if you’re even up to it. Can you really make this work?
  • Do you fear the month-end because you have bills to pay and there just isn’t enough money coming in?
  • Are you feeling discouraged? It’s lonely at the top!

Are you overthinking your next step

& getting stuck in overwhelm?

‘How do other business owners do it?’

When you’re stuck in isolation you’re thinking:

  • “Why am I struggling emotionally? Can I do this?”
  • “I don’t have the time to figure it all out on your own!”
  • Are you just putting your head down and just trying to muscle through another day? 
  • Is the stress mounting because you have no one to share your business issues and ideas with?
  • Are you considering throwing in the towel, but feeling anxious just thinking about working for a boss again!

Are you suffering from the effects of isolation as a business owner?

Meet a community of like-minded people

Whether you’re running your own business or starting your side-hustle, chances are, you need to connect with others like you. 

You want to build up enough trust to share openly and get the help and support you need.

And you know that comes from investing time to get to know other business owners in a private community.

From lacking meaningful connections to a caring community!

Hey, I’m Christina, the author of the book – Compassion Business Plan. I created this community as a platform to help business owners refine and implement their vision.

I was stuck in my corporate job for decades, where the hustle mentality left no room for compassion. This must change if you want your small business to thrive!

Whether you’re looking for an accountability partner or to validate your next business idea, you’re in the right place.

If you don’t have anyone to look after your child, bring them along.

It’s all virtual!

Virtual Networking is in!

Networks are usually marketing focused, but as business owners, we need so much more. This is a compassionate community where people can share all of their challenges and find ways to overcome them.

We’re working with the ideas and concepts of the Compassion Business Plan book and beyond. We help you set and implement your goals successfully.

Explore sulutions in a private, safe space

In this community, there are no limits to discussing uncomfortable topics like:

  • Receiving a summons, even if you did nothing wrong
  • Talking about the stress of your daily business life when it becomes too much to bear alone
  • How to handle tax stress and asking for referrals on who to talk to
  • How to pivot your business or start a new venture
  • Get immediate feedback on a new business idea
  • Build a circle of trusted friends where you can talk business

Here you’re human first!

We’re a caring community where you can build your company with like-minded people. 

Keep reading to learn more about the

Compassion Biz Community

People come to me for support, saying: 

“I just completed my studies and am considering starting a business”

“I’ve been a homemaker for 10 years. Being back in business is so overwhelming!”

“I’m wondering if I’m in the right business for me.”

“I’ve got an established business,  but need to refine my offer.”

“I want to scale my business and add new streams of revenue.”

“I lost my job and started a business during the pandemic. Where do I go from here? “

If you align with any of the above, keep reading to see how the

Compassion Biz Community

can help you!

Ready to win back your time?

I was a corporate IT Systems architect and project manager for decades.  My demanding corporate job ruled my time. I was good at my job, but it cost me my relationships. Now I’m passionate about helping other business owners

  • make a success of their business or side-hustle
  • resign from their corporate jobs 
  • to take back their time
  • and achieve success!

From lacking

meaningful connections

to a caring community!

Here’s how your life will look radically different when you join this program

The Compassion Biz Community was born

I help business owners, build a compassionate business

I created the Compassion Biz Community when I realised that so many business owners are lonely and struggled to consistently connect with other business owners about business issues.

They would ask for feedback in all their favourite Facebook groups or web communities. Still, they weren’t getting the help they needed. Or worse, get conflicting comments from others.

When they joined other networks, they would find that it was mostly marketing focussed. Or the community was content focussed and they’re already suffering from information overload.

This community is a place where you can focus on doing one thing at a time until you have something to show. Before you jump to the next idea, the next trick or the next platform. 

Remember, if you earn enough money to live your life and thrive, you can control your time. Take back your life today! You’re worth it, and your friends and family need you.

In this community we focus heavily on building relationships between you and the other members of the community.

Here’s a summary of the benefits you’ll get when you join the Compassion Biz Community

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Know who your ideal client is 

  • Explore energy management

  • Know what business niche you want to explore

  • Time management tips & tricks  

  • Define and refine your business ideas

  • Become the entrepreneur God intended for you to be

  • Get support to stay committed to your dream

  • Define and refine your next offer

  • Build meaningful relationships

  • And as a result, feel a fantastic sense of achievement!

    Becoming the caring entrepreneur God intended you to be means regularly checking in with others

    You get out what you put in

    • You’ll also reduce the loneliness of running your own business

    • Set weekly goals and see how your big targets are hit

    • Become accountable to each other with no shaming if life happens

    • Discover how to make the best use of your time to fulfil your dreams

    • Powerful Q&A sessions to get your most pressing questions answered on the spot

      We’d Love To Have You In The Compassion Biz Community

      Here’s how it works:

      This is a monthly membership where we’ll dive deep into the different topics from the Compassion Business Plan book.

      Join the WhatsApp group to stay in contact with the others. 

      Weekly Zoom calls where we’ll cover:

      Goal Setting:  Goal setting: Set goals and report back each week

      Topic of the month: Discuss a topic fof the month

      Q&A: Q&A session about the topic of the month

      Topic talk: Chance for 1 of the members to give a 15-minute talk on a topic of their choice. This may be their company, a specific program, book or something they’re passionate about.

      Q&A session: Q&A session to discuss questions that came up through the month. Only if there is a week 5 in the month.

      These are some of the topics we’ll cover:

      Find your passion

      A topic we’ll do a deep dive into is to help you discover your passion. 

      • Find your passion and your God-given assignment
      • Map your assignment to an ideal business, uniquely suited to your experience, knowledge and giftings
      • Discover who your ideal client is so that you can create your message for them specifically
      • Find or refine your ideal business idea, so that you’ll be excited to start workin every morning

      Take small steps to advance

      Here, I’ll share strategies on how to:

      • Increase your energy levels, so that you have enough energy to get the work done
      • How important connection is. You don’t have to go it alone
      • How to create time in your schedule for relaxation and rest
      • How focussed time will serve you to get much more done in the time you do have

      Weekly Open-Mic Q&A sessions

      In the Q&A meetings, you’ll have a chance to ask me your immediate issues for discussion in the group. 

      • Discover why you’re in overwhelm and how to manage it.
      • What is holding you back from getting the important tasks done, so that you can reach the goals you set for yourself!
      • How to realise what you want to achieve and how to advance to the next level with moral support from the network
      • Get ideas from the group in breakout rooms of a few people at a time

      Here’s how your life will be different when you join this community

      • You’ll be able to share your deepest fears with a private group, as much as you feel safe to

      • You’ll know which business you want to keep, start and maybe stop doing. It’s so helpful to have a sounding board of others on the same path as you, even though you must make the ultimate decision yourself.

      • You’ll know that these sessions are private and won’t be shared anywhere on the internet, making it safe to voice real concerns

      • You’ll understand how you can optimise your time and energy! The group will keep you accountable and motivated to reach for the next level!

      • You’ll be able to help other people with your unique gifting. Each of the group members brings their own essence to the group. Each one is significant!  
      • You’ll have the satisfaction that your contributions will speak to the others in the group. 

      • You’ll see how your business will grow with small, consistent changes over time as you change and grow as a business owner

      Who shouldn’t join this program

      If you’re still hooked on a hustle mentality, this will not work for you. Here we’re all about starting a business with compassion for ourselves and others.

      This program is for business owners. Join us if you want to

      • succeed at your business or side-hustle
      • resign from your corporate job to take control of your own destiny 
      • to take back your time by integrating your work and family life 
      • And achieve ultimate success by creating the life of your dreams!


      You can join our community on a month-to-month basis. Cancel with a 30-day notice period. 

      Are you ready to join the community?

      JOIN THE

      Compassion Biz Community

      TODAY FOR JUST $8.88 per month!

      We subscribe to a Christian worldview where God is at the centre 

      and we practise compassion!

      Do you have questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to email my team at [email protected]

      Why is this such a low price? Is it even worth it?

      You may be thinking this program is too cheap. And you’re absolutely right!

      After all the years of building up experience and writing a book, it seems too good to be true to offer this community at such a low price.

      The reason the price is so low is that this is the beta version of the community. it’s still in the proof of concept phase.

      I want to make it affordable so that more people can get access to information to start a business they can be happy in.

      The price will increase over time.

      So, this is the best time to get involved as a founding partner of the community.

      My corporate job is keeping me too busy, leaving me no time!

      If you don’t have time to do this program, chances are you’re working for a boss.

      Do you believe that you should spend all your time making money for a company that doesn’t put your needs above their own? If it’s a corporate company, does your boss two levels up even know your name?

      It’s time to put yourself first!

      When you’re still working, chances are you don’t have time to try to figure this out on your own.

      Invest time in yourself.

      Invest the time and money in your business if you’re ready to get out of the rat race.

      After all, you’re not a rat.

      Please don’t wait for as long as I did to take action. My one regret is that I didn’t take these steps a decade or 2 earlier.

      I run my own business, so I don’t have time for this

      As you probably know, your business will only grow to the extent you do.  a small amount of time to invest in yourself will be so helpful and save you time in future.

      Be compassionate towards yourself by spending time to build meaningful business relationships. It’s a skill that’ll serve you well into the future.

      Being part of this vibrant community

      is just a click away


      Don’t wait for another second

      to make it your reality!

      Note from Christina

      Hi there

      I created the Compassion Biz Community, to help you, the business owner, refine your business focus and achieve your goals, one step at a time.

      How would it feel if you look back a year from now, and nothing has changed?

      Are you ready to do what it takes to get to the top of your industry?

      I created this community because I saw how many business owners needed support to build meaningful business relationships in a private, safe environment.

      For me, everything changed when I stopped isolating myself and reached out to others to build meaningful relationships, online and in person. So many communities are focused on marketing and rightly so. We need those too. But the relationships that helped me move my business forward are the ones where I get the chance to talk to others about my business issues. And don’t underestimate the emotional support.

      This community will help you move forward with your business and keep you focused on your goals and dreams.

      I love the community we’re building here. Join us to build a relationship and get support from others on the same path as you.

      See you on the inside

      Christina Heystek

      Got a question? WhatsApp us!