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Use your marketing spend wisely

to confidently climb to the top 5

of the Google Search Ladder

So, your potential clients can’t find you when they’re ready to buy?

You’re putting in so much work, but you feel like your business is the best-kept secret in your industry, right? 

  • Are you working so hard and people don’t see it? If people would just be able to see your work and know your service is available you’d be able to sell it.
  • Do you fear the month-end because you have bills to pay and there just isn’t enough money coming in?
  • Are you feeling discouraged because you don’t understand why your marketing efforts are failing to bring in the expected results? 
  • Maybe you feel frustrated because you don’t know how to reach more new clients! 
  • Do you feel hopelessness rise when the month-end is looming?

Are you stuck

on page 10

of the Google search results

Have you asked some of these questions lately?

  • Is the stress mounting because you’ve spent so much money on ineffective marketing efforts?
  • Are you paying way too much for every click? There is so much more to the small little ad than what you can see from the outside. 
  • Are you trying to copy from free internet info (the top of the iceberg), but are clueless about what is going on under the water?
  • Are you asking: This stuff is so easy and I’m talented! Why isn’t it working? Is there more to a marketing? What is a funnel anyway!
  • How did my competitors get there?
  • You don’t have the time to find all the free information on the internet to figure it all out! And even if you did, how would you know if there are parts you’re missing out on?
  • You wish you understood it all! 

Are you paying way too much

for every click?

The response over the last several months has been fantastic!

Thank you again for all of your input, hard work and expertise. 

Hugh Pollard

If you need a steady stream of clients!

Whether you’re running your own business, starting your side-hustle or are working a corporate job dreaming of running your own business. Chances are, you’re desperate to find a steady stream of clients

And you know that comes from being on the first page of Google.

When you Google

do you ever go past page 1

of the search results?

How do you use Google?

Think about when you do your own Google search for a fun new restaurant or that pair of shoes that are so popular right now.

Or even when you Google for the cheapest flight when travelling – yes you know you do. 

Do you also use the top search results, just knowing that if this company is savvy enough to advertise, the chances are good that they’re a reliable company.

Do you ever go past page 1?


Which of these results would you like for yourself?

Legal services results

How would you like to go from 2 to 50 clicks a week like my client Hugh did? He is offering legal advice? He gets anywhere between 2 and 14 conversions per day!

Although the Cost per Click is higher than the competitor’s, Hugh now gets more qualified leads to contact him.

Industrial Goods Industry

How would you like to decrease your cost per lead from around R10 per lead to R2.84?

That’s a massive reduction in cost and means that you can reach more people with the same money! We managed to do that for my client Dirk in the Industrial Goods industry.

Here are some more results for Dirk’s Google Ad Campaign:

Uniform Manufacturing client

Double your visibility online in 6 months or less

Would you also want to pay a bit more but get more people to your website like my client, the uniform manufacturer did? By dialling in our preferred client, the cost went up but we got a better quality lead.


After some extensive Google algorithm changes, this is the new market insight for this client. When your campaign is set up to serve your clients in the best way possible, your advantage grows, because Google wants the best for their clients.


Keep reading to learn more about the

Google Ads Accelerator Program 

Do you want these results for your eCommerce site?

Wholesale product supplier

My client, Justin, increased their visibility in 3 months. They’re selling cables wholesale. It’s a lower-priced product and wanted more leads to see the product and start to recognise the brand. 


The Cost per Click went down and we’re still working on this account to dial in the landing pages to improve the quality score and get our Click-Through Rates up.

eCommerce site – lower priced items

Would you like to get between 25 and 101 clicks per day, taking more leads to your site, like my client Wayne does?

If you capture their information, you don’t have to pay to get their attention again. They’re now on your database!

eCommerce site – higher priced items

Craig gets between 9 and 32 leads to his site per day.

They sell high-priced pumps, so 1 sale can pay for their marketing spend for some time.

All of these results and MORE are possible when you master moving up the Google Search ranks 

It’s ALL possible, with my

Google Ads Accelerator Program

I’ll show you how!

Are you paying

too much

for every click?

From being stuck in a job to success and freedom!

Hey, I’m Christina and I help business owners who are looking to explode their visibility online. I’ll help you increase your income, influence and impact! Use modern marketing to confidently climb the Google search ladder to the top 5. Be there when your next client needs you! 

After being stuck in my corporate job for decades, I had a rude awakening when I was retrenched. My 2nd rude awakening was when I started a small business. While I had many skills, I didn’t have all the skills required in a small business environment. 

I quickly realised that I had to learn how to sell 

Without sales, there is no money coming into the business. I know sales get a bad rap, but sales is a service of helping others if you believe in your product. 

You can’t sell anything if you have no leads! 

I had no leads! I spent 3 years trying every marketing trick in the book. I discovered I needed a digital marketing system that would fill my sales funnel. (A funnel is just a fancy word to describe the process of talking to more people that might be interested in your product.) 

I dedicated my time to testing digital marketing, specialising in copywriting and Google AdWords. (Copywriting is how to use words to sell your products or services) 

Climbing up the Google search ranking

Climbing up the Google search ranking is the easiest way to attract and convert your ideal clients and be seen as an authority in your field

Using these marketing methods will help you increase your income, impact & influence by reaching your ideal clients when they’re ready to buy! 

But what makes Google the platform of choice?

You’ve probably tried social media and attended networking to get leads and you might even get a sale or 2!

  • With social media, you’re interrupting people when they’re trying to escape their own fear and stress. 
  • With in-person networking, you know they’re there with exactly the same plan as you – to make a sale!

On the other hand, when they head on over to Google

  • They’re searching for a solution
  • That’s when they’re doing some serious research.
  • That is when they’re ready to buy!
  • They’re looking for you!

Won’t you love to understand how to confidently climb to the top 5 of the Google Search ladder?

Why is a sales funnel so effective?

You can just run an ad, but you’ll miss out on talking to 90% of the people that need to get to know you before they’ll buy from you.

The system gives you a way to move people through your funnel by:

  • Nurturing people so that they can get to know you
  • As you serve then they’ll know whether they’d want to work more deeply with you
  • Keep top-of-mind by being in their in-boxes until they’re ready to buy

This will help them to get to know and trust you for when it comes time to give you their money.

Here’s how your life will look radically different after you completed this program

Do you want to win back your time?

I was a corporate IT Systems architect and project manager for decades.  My demanding corporate job ruled my time. I was good at my job, but it cost me my relationships. Now I’m passionate about helping other business owners

  • make a success of their business or side-hustle
  • resign from their corporate jobs 
  • to take back their time
  • And achieve success!


Do you know if your marketing spend is effective?

Are you tracking your vital stats?


I’ll help you, the business owner, climb the Google Search Ladder to the top 5. 

Help your next client find you with Google when they need you!

I created the Google Ads Accelerator program when I realised that so many business owners overspent on their marketing efforts, but still struggled to find consistent leads and make enough money. These business owners would look for answers by watching endless YouTube videos and doing free online courses. Or ask for feedback in all their favourite Facebook groups or web communities. Still, they weren’t getting the help they needed. 

You don’t know what you don’t know

After spinning my wheels for 3 years, I decided to spend my hard-earned money to learn the ropes from the experts in the industry. People that have cracked the code and are ready to share their knowledge with others. 

I spent five years and more than $4500 on training and coaching from the masters and have found the solution! I tested and applied my learnings incrementally until I found a repeatable process that works! Trust me, it’s not as intuitive and easy as it looks from the outside. There are hidden steps that are crucial to effective marketing.

The Google Ads Accelerator Program was born

My combination of skills uniquely positioned me to develop the Google Ads Accelerator program. It includes modules on funnels, Google Ads, building a list and why. It also provides a marketing system you can follow to confidently climb up the Google ladder to the top 5. 

As a qualified project manager, I know how important measurement is for a successful outcome. The Google Ad Accelerator program teaches you which KPIs are crucial to follow and which ones to leave alone until you’re more experienced.

Remember, if you earn enough money to live your life and thrive, you can control your time. Take back your life today! You’re worth it, and your friends and family need you.

Here’re all the things you can get when you enroll in the Google Ads Accelerator Program

This is a summary of the benefits you’ll get by enrolling in this program:

  • Know who your ideal client is and how to reach them
  • Get consistent leads from your proven marketing system
  • Confidently serve people that found you when they’re ready to buy
  • Know where and how to tweak your marketing system to improve results
  • See consistent sales from people that find what you offer when they need it
  • See monthly feedback on what is working and where to fix issues as they arise
  • Understand how to make your marketing process work for you
  • And as a result, feel a fantastic sense of achievement
  • You’ll be able to help more people 
  • And more money!

     We’ve seen a marked increase in the number of calls we receive from potential customers. For the first time, we’re making consistent sales from our website traffic. 

    Dirk van Rooyen

    DMP Industrial Automation

    The Google Ads Accelerator Program is your solution

    Here’s how it works:

    During the course of the program, you’ll receive the following Phases:

    Strategy – Planning – Setup – Management 

    Phase 1: Strategy

    In this phase you’ll understand funnels and how to apply it for your business. You’ll be able to draft a marketing strategy following best practises, while still bringing your individual style and brand to the table. 

    • Funnels and how it applies to your business
    • Understanding all the marketing campaign elements
    • Draw up a Marketing strategy for your business

    Phase 2: Planning

    There are a set of factors to be considered when planning your marketing campaign. This proven Marketing Campaign Planning will help you answer the Who, What, Why, Where, and How questions required to do the planning.  A campaign must be focused to be successful. 

    • Complete the worksheet on Who, What, Why, Where and How questions
    • Learn how to do the Keyword Research to determine the best campaign
    • Design the lead magnet for attracting the right clients
    • Become a magnet to your ideal client through your email list

    Phase 3: Campaign Setup

    In this phase you’ll learn how to set up your funnel. We’ll walk you through the tech of getting your campaign up and running, so that tech fears won’t hold you back.

    • How to take your visitors to the landing page
    • Google Ads Campaign setup
    • Save marketing spend by staying in touch if they’re not ready to buy yet

    If you reach them via email, you don’t have to pay for their click to your new offer!

    Phase 4: Google Ads Campaign Management

    Reporting will help you understand what the important metrics are telling you. It’ll help you understand what the important metrics are telling you. You’ll understand how to tweak your campaign and optimise it over time. 

    • How to optimise your time when doing campaign management
    • Identify and understand crucial metrics to measure
    • Management reports to track marketing spend
    • Management reports to measure campaign 

    If you’re not tracking your marketing spend, you’re wasting your time and your money. 

    In addition, you’ll also receive these bonuses

    Compassion Biz Online Community membership

    You’ll receive a full year membership to our vibrant Compassion Biz Online COmmunity where you’ll be able to get feedback from me and the community. We share business issues and share ways to make your business life easier to deal with.

    Compassion Biz book (download)

    You’ll receive the a voucher to download the Compassion Business Plan book from smashwords. 

    Landing page template

    A landing page template so that you are sure to include all the crucial elements of a landing page and in so doing attract the right kind of clients.

    eCommerce product template

    eCommerce product description template. Each product now becomes a landing page. 

    List of cool tools

    A list of the keyword research tools and list building apps we use so that you know how to get to your end result faster, without getting overwhelmed by all the options out there.

    Here’s how your life will look radically different after you completed this program

    • Your business will feature on the first page of a Google search for your best keywords, steadily and consistently climbing up to the Top 5.

    • You’ll understand how the marketing process works, above and below the surface. You’ll have an in-depth understanding of funnels, and you can use them for all marketing forever!

    • You’ll be able to help people find you, when they are in the investigating phase and also when they’re ready to buy

    • You’ll master the metrics and understand how to fine-tune your funnel based on the metrics

    • You’ll have increased sales, explode your income and expand your impact

    • You’ll see how your ranking confidently climbs up towards the top 5 in Google Search every month. You’ll have the satisfaction that you made that happen!

    Who shouldn’t join this program

    If you’re don’t have a business yet. If you’re thinking about starting a business, you can join this program to build a marketing campaign for another business. We won’t be spending time on finding out what business you want to start. 

    Who this program is for

    • This program is for any type of business: a Brick & Mortar business, an online business, even an eCommerce store. It works for a service-based business or a product-based business.
    • If you want to start providing clients with Google Ads as an agency or contractor, you’ll find this program invaluable.
    • Any business owner can send their 

    Are you ready to experience this transformation?

    Get started today for just $2997

    But wait! There’s more! <Wink-wink>

    For the Pilot program only,

    we slashed the price of $2997

    to just $997!

    In return for this amazing discount, we ask your commitment to

    • creating an honest video testimonial directly after completion, and
    • approval to use the testimonial on the website and in our future campaigns.


    If you join our program and decide in 30 days to cancel, we’ll give you an 80% refund. This will ensure you have some skin in the game.  Think hard about it before you give up because I believe in you and in your ability to do this work.

    Your Business Ads featuring in the top 5 of a Google search is just 6 months away. Don’t wait for another second to make it your reality!

    VIP Option

    If you believe in playing full out, have a look at the VIP Google Ads Accelerator program

    Do you have any questions?

    Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to email my team at [email protected]

    Can I join at a later time?

    Of course! We’ll be running the program again next year.

    However, the price will increase! We’ll only run the Pilot promotion for this program this time.


    I run my own business, so I don’t have time for training

    As you probably know, unless you have a system in place, things tend to take a little longer.  So a small amount of time to invest into getting your marketing strategy aligned with your business requirements will be so helpful and save you time in future.

    If you don’t have time to learn this skill, you have two options:

    1. Allocate a couple of hours per week for the training. This training will help you with your current business, but it’ll also give you the skills to apply to any future venture. These are timeless strategies. You can delegate the actual tasks to your employees to implement the marketing campaign.
    2. Allocate and send a marketing employee for the training. The only problem with this option is that your employee might resign and you’ll lose the advantage.
    3.   Webcafe offers a Done-For-You service. Webcafe follows this same method to implement these strategies for you. As a Marketing Agency, they 
    • Determine your marketing strategy with you
    • Assist with keyword research in the planning phase
    • Handle all the tech of setting up the campaign with your input
    • Manage your campaign
    • Send you a marketing report every month to track your marketing campaigns
    • You stay on top of your marketing in a fraction of the time it would take to do it inhouse.
    My corporate job is keeping me too busy, leaving me no time!

    If you don’t have time to do this program, chances are you’re working for a boss.

    Do you believe that you should spend all your time making money for a company that doesn’t put your needs above their own? If it’s a corporate company, does your boss two levels up even know your name?

    It’s time to put yourself first!

    When you’re still working, chances are you don’t have time to try to figure this out on your own.

    I invested five years in learning (and implementing) how to help you reach your ideal clients when they’re ready to buy.

    Invest the time and money in your business if you’re prepared to get out of the rat race.

    After all, you’re not a rat.

    Please don’t wait for as long as I did to take action. My one regret is that I didn’t take these steps a decade or 2 earlier.

    I don’t have the money. The program seems expensive!

    You may be thinking this program is too expensive. Here’s my thinking around that.

    I tried for years to find out how to master digital marketing with free resources. It wasn’t until I invested in upskilling myself through training and coaching that the penny dropped. Only then did I start to understand how much there is below the surface.

    Free resources don’t cover the hidden parts of the marketing funnel. The whole process only makes sense once you see it in a complete program. When you only use free resources, you see disjointed areas of the visible parts of a funnel. It creates more confusion instead of making it easy to follow and implement.

    Up to now, I’ve spent more than $4,500 getting training from American coaches. Now I developed the Google Ads Accelerator program.

     It’s applicable to businesses all over the world, including the local market. This investment will put you ahead of many others in your industry.

    Do you offer a Done-For-You service?

    Yes, we offer a service to do this for you. And it’s even a cheaper option. The problem is that you’ll be paying me every month.

    You’ll also be paying for every new campaign you want to run.

    If you enrol in this program you learn how to do it yourself. You’ll walk out with the skills to plan and execute your own campaigns and be enabled to manage the campaigns going forward.



    Note from Christina


    Hi there

    I created the Google Ads Accelerator Programs to help you, the business owner, get to the top 5 on a Google search.

    How would it feel if you look back a year from now, and nothing has changed?

    Are you ready to do what it takes to get to the top?

    I created this program because I saw how many business owners spend thousands on ineffective marketing.

    For me, everything changed when I closed my eyes and jumped into a program that supported me in getting my offer out effectively. For me I was running into imposter syndrome. I’m so glad I took the plunge into the business I love so that I can help people to maximise their impact.


    Kind Regards

    Christina Heystek

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