Compassion Biz Training

The Compassion Biz training

is based on the Compassion Business Plan book

Learn how to find your passion and build your dream business

Why Business Training?

Join like-minded people to build relationships and get input from others. Get guidance. Work in a group to help you build your best life.

Make a difference in the world

  • reach your full potential
  • find and define your passion
  • brainstorm business ideas
  • draft a high-quality business plan

Build confidence

    You’ll be confident that you know and understand every word on your business plan, having compiled it yourself.

    • You need guidelines to get started
    • You want support from teachers
    • You want to meet with like-minded people

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    Is this what you want?

    You want to draft a business plan:

    • from step by step instructions
    • to be able to convince investors to trust you
    • to show that you understand your business, ensuring a good chance for success
    • to be successful in raising funds from investments and grants
    • and have the confidence that the business plan is complete
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    Find Your Passion

    Choose a Business Idea

    Develop Your Business Plan

    Learn How To Sustain Your Energy For Action




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