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Who I am

I’m Christina and I help business owners increase their income, impact & influence by reaching their ideal clients. Follow the Modern Marketing Blueprint to systematically climb up the Google Search ladder to the top 5!

You know there’s a better way

You often ask: “This shouldn’t be this difficult! Why is my marketing not working?” I want you to know that this is a myth. It is difficult to get martketing to work! 

Are you feeling depressed or discouraged because you don’t understand how the marketing process works! 

Maybe you even feel rejected and frustrated because you don’t know how to reach your clients? You want to get rid of the fear and hopelessness you feel when there isn’t enough money coming in.

You tried to learn about marketing…

You decided to use free resources to find out how to do your marketing. You’ve watched endless YouTube videos. You’ve done everything you could find online, but it still hasn’t clicked yet! 

It feels like you’re going around in circles while stress increases daily!

But what if…

you can learn how digital marketing works and how to make it work for you?

Are you tired of wasting time on unproven strategies? What if you could learn about all the hidden parts of the marketing process? And how all the moving parts can work together to make your marketing sing?

What if you could follow a program that could explain and give you the tools to implement the complete marketing process. What if you could walk away with a blueprint and an actionable marketing strategy?

What if you could stop wasting money on ineffective marketing?

and follow your own marketing strategy?

Imagine a marketing strategy where you can see what works! Then you’ll understand how to adjust the various sections of the funnel to stop the leaky bucket!

and as a result feel such a sense of achievement!

What if you could feel a sense of achievement when watching your brand grow and make more money than you ever imagined possible? Which meant that you could feel hopeful, excited to get up in the morning, focusing on a future that energises you every day.


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Follow the Modern Marketing Blueprint

Follow a proven blueprint to create your marketing strategy! Feel that sense of achievement you long for. Build your business so you can leave a legacy.

Create your marketing strategy

If you’re feeling frustrated and ready to give up, it’s time to take action. Don’t let this desperation kill your zeal or break you! If you’re feeling desperately hopeless, it’s time to learn how to transform your marketing.