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If you’re looking for the perfect business opportunity based on your passion and experience, you’re in the right place.

If you want to transform your income, your impact and your influence with the God-given purpose you’re uniquely called to, you might have found this page for a reason.

Hi there

I’m Christina

I help compassionate men and women find the perfect business opportunity based on their passion and experience.

This will help them to transform their income, impact and influence with the God-given purpose they’re uniquely called to.

You’re longing for more

You often ask: “Is this all there is for me?” You’re longing for a life of freedom without sacrificing your income. You don’t want to worry about how to pay your bills. You are or you’ve tried working for a boss, studying & doing what makes sense on paper, but it just hasn’t worked. You’re not happy!

You feel rejected because you lost your job and sad because you can’t find work. You feel frustrated because you don’t even know where to start! You want to get rid of the fear and hopelessness you feel.

Now you’re doubting yourself

You’ve even considered starting a business, but you don’t even know where to start! You feel frustrated because you don’t understand how the small business economy works!  Are you feeling sad, unworthy, and depressed? Are you discouraged? It feels as if you just keep on going around in circles while the stress increase daily!

But what if…

you can start your own business?

But what if you could start your own business? What if you could plan it out to see if the business is feasible before spending the money? Imagine a company uniquely suited to you alone!

and feel fulfilled

As a result, you had more satisfaction, time and money than you ever imagined possible? Which meant that you could feel hopeful, excited to get up in the morning, focusing on a future you believe in and are called to every day. 

You were meant for more!

Cast your vision

You were meant for more! Write down your vision. Feel that sense of achievement you’re longing for. Plan to live out your God-given purpose and make a difference. Leave a legacy.

Your time is now!

If you’re feeling frustrated and ready to give up, it’s time to take action. Take a positive step. Don’t let this desperation kill your zeal or break you! Decide!

If you’re feeling desperately hopeless, it’s time to take action to make a positive transformation. Don’t delay, because your time is NOW.