Find your passion

to unleash

your potential





I believe the path to fulfilment

is to align your vision

with your divine purpose

Hi. I’m Christina Heystek

I help compassionate men and women discover the right business idea based on their passion and use their experience to transform their income and impact.

Are you meant for more?

Do you want to live out your God-given purpose? Do you want to become all you know deep down you’re meant to?

How would it feel to confidently reach out to others, knowing exactly where you are heading and why? Just imagine the sense of achievement you’ll feel to be a business owner.

Would you be happy knowing you’re doing meaningful work, aligned with your passion and purpose?

I did too!

Where to even start?

While being part of women networks, I met many compassionate women that want to make a difference in the world. They don’t know where to start or are stopped because of money.

That’s why I developed the Business Plan process to help you find your passion and align your experience with your purpose. Become a business owner for clarity and significance.

Decide today to ive a purposeful life.


Corporate job

I worked in a corporate job for 36 years. I earned a good salary, but was it worth the hours I spent at the job? I neglected my family. My marriage ended in a divorce. My mom helped me raise my children when I worked 16 hour days!

Was it worth it? 

NO! After 10 years of dedicated service, I was retrenched. Why are women retrenched first? I was the head of the household being a single mother.

I realised that a corporate company requires dedication and loyalty, but only gives money (a salary) in return. There’s no long-term loyalty from corporate companies. I was retrenched when I needed my job the most.

My rude awakening

When I started my first business I had a rude awakening! I tell my story as part of the “Compassion Business Plan” book.

The corporate world doesn’t prepare you for small business. If it’s possible, start a side-hustle. Start your business while you still have a job. Your job can be your investment partner while you get the new skills you need.

There are so many skills you need as you start and grow your new business.

The first step is to find a business you can be excited about. Then craft a business plan to know what you’re getting into before you start.

I love reading and writing. So, when I discovered copywriting, I found the skill that could help me succeed.

I realised that I could help others starting out on this journey to help them avoid the mistakes I made when getting into the South African Small Business market.

The book…

Compassion Business Plan

I received great feedback from the book. Some people don’t like reading, but they still want help. That is why I’m now offering the program.

It helped me test the concepts that worked for me, to what is working for others. I found that most people quickly find their passion. Compassionate people seem to want to give their services for free, which creates a problem of paying bills. 

You deserve to be paid

I made a lot of mistakes when I started on this journey. I learned what is working and discovered the power of group coaching.

Paying for my education in dollars, I learned how to apply the training for the local market. I now have the confidence to teach others so that they don’t have to go through the steep learning curve that I had to.

So far it helped me serve over 60 people to get access to the information they need. It helps you to know what to say NO to, Success is also measured in knowing your passion for focusing on growing those skills. 

Group coaching means that you meet others on the same road as you are. Growing your network with people on the same stage as you brings many advantages.


You were meant for more!

So, why am I the best coach for you?

I spent decades working in South Africa. Over the last 5 years, I spent over R60,000 on extended coaching, programs and training. I’ve studied with 3 different coaches in America, each covering a specific area of expertise. In addition, I added some training courses with several trainers to hone my skills.


Your time is now!

I love to simplify processes to make it easier to implement. I focussed on creating a process that is easy to follow. There is always an outcome, and you can take it as far as you want.

There is so much to learn. Don’t spend years trying to do it “for free”. Everything is available for free on the internet, but to put it together in the right way may take years!

What are you waiting for?

If you’re willing to put in the work, I can help you find your passion and the business idea best suited to you. You’ll be able to draft your brilliant business plan.

Find your passion and plan your dream life

Are you ready?