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Mastering modern marketing

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Hello there

I’m Christina, a former IT corporate girl turned Digital Marketing Pro. As a corporate pawn, your time is not your own. I excelled in my job but paid dearly in damaged relationships.

Now I’m on a mission to help business owners master their digital marketing to make sure they don’t have to go through the pain I did in the corporate world! I don’t want you to ever need a corporate job again!

You are meant for more!

Do you want to build up your business so that you could leave a legacy? Do you want your brand to grow?

How would it feel to confidently begin working with your ideal clients, knowing they need what you offer?

How does a marketing budget turn into profit?

Just imagine the sense of achievement you’ll feel to be a business owner that knows how they’re spending their marketing budget and how it impacts the bottom line. It’s more important now than ever.

Corporate job

After ten years of dedicated corporate service, I was retrenched. I realised that a corporate company requires dedication and loyalty but only gives money (a salary) in return. 

I entered the small business world.

My rude awakening

When I started my first business, I had a rude awakening! Read my full story in my book  “Compassion Business Plan“.

The corporate world doesn’t prepare you for small business. If it’s possible, start a side-hustle. Start your business while you still have a job. Your job can be your investment partner while you get the new skills you need. 

Marketing skills

There are so many skills you need as you start and grow your new business. The most important is how to attract clients with digital marketing and how to sell.

It took me years to put together a marketing strategy that works. I realised that I could help others start their journey. I want to help them avoid the mistakes I made when getting into the South African Business market.

Training saves time and money

I made many mistakes in the process, but I learned what is working and discovered the power of training and group coaching.

Paying for my education in dollars, I learned how to apply the training to marketing that works. I now have the confidence to teach others so that they don’t have to go through the steep learning curve that I had to.

Group coaching means that you meet others on the same level as you are. Growing your network with like-minded people, brings many advantages.

Modern Marketing…


Marketing agency

We implemented the Modern Marketing Method with Hugh Pollard’s company. He’s the CEO of The Legal Advice office.
The leads from the marketing campaign went from 1 or 2 enquiries a week to 50 a week. The CTR (Click-thru-rate) is 18.56% against the industry average of only 4%! With a conversion rate of 25%, you can see, this strategy simply works.

This is what Hugh Pollard, the CEO of The Legal Advice Office, says:

Christina Heystek and her team at Webcafe have really done a terrific job with the landing pages and the general monthly administration they have done on my Google advertising campaigns.

The response over the last several months has been fantastic! Thank you again for all of your input and expertise. I recommend them without any hesitation whatsoever.

And this is just one of our clients. 

Your business is meant to reach more people!

So, why am I the best coach for you?

I spent decades working in corporate companies. Over the last five years, I spent over $4,000 on extended coaching, programs and training. I’ve studied with 3 American coaches in various areas of marketing expertise. Also, I completed marketing training courses to hone my skills.

Webcafe is a marketing agency where we tested and perfected the program. We’re getting excellent results for our clients. As a system’s architect, I love to simplify processes to make them easier to implement. In each of these programs, I focus on creating a process that is easy to follow. Each has an outcome, and you can take it as far as you want.

Your time is now!

There is so much to learn. Don’t spend years trying to do it “for free”. Everything is available for free on the internet, but to put it together in the right way may take years! And doing it alone is soul-destroying!

Ignore tips and tricks, and implement measurable marketing. Know how many people clicked on your ads.


What are you waiting for?

There’s no-one else coming! It’s up to you to figure this out!

We’re offering the Modern Marketing program to share our expertise with you, the business owner, to achieve tangible results in a much shorter timeframe. We share the most straightforward route that’s working for our clients and us.


Join us to become part of our vibrant community and explode your business’ online impact!

Are you ready?