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Compassion Business Plan

How to find your passion and plan your dream life

Part A will help you build your best life:

  • Find and express your passion clearly
  • Choose the business that best fit you
  • Fulfil your dream of starting a business

Part B provides ideas on creating time to achieve your dream

  • Increase your energy levels
  • The importance of connection
  • Understand how focused time will serve you

Part C is a step by step method of drafting a business plan

  • Refine your business idea into a Business Plan
  • Moral compass – how to match your value system to others’
  • Financial compass – what you need for a business plan

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You were meant for more!

Note from the author

Hi there

I help compassionate people find their perfect business opportunity based on their passion and experience. This will help them to transform their impact and influence with the God-given purpose they’re uniquely called to.

You were meant for more! Craft your unique vision. Feel that sense of hope you’re longing for. Write down the compassion plan to live out your God-given purpose, make a difference and leave a legacy.

Christina Heystek

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